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LAW484 Media Law Session 2, 2014

UNIT SCHEDULE internal students

General notes:

x This schedule is liable to change in light of unforeseen circumstances. You will be notified of any changes via iLearn.

x Lectures are delivered only via iLearn. Unless notified otherwise, there are no 'live' lectures in this unit.

x The prescribed textbook for this unit is: o Des Butler and Sharon Rodrick, Australian Media Law (4th edn, 2012,

Thomson Reuters), ISBN: 978-0-455-22846-4 x If you want to acquire an additional textbook then I recommend:

o David Rolph, Matt Vitins and Judith Bannister, Media Law: Cases, Materials and Commentary (Oxford Uni Press, 1st edition, 2010). ISBN: 978-0-19- 555913-2.

Notes on accessing readings:

x 'Butler & Rodrick' refers to the prescribed textbook (see above). x Where indicated, other readings are available from E-Reserve: x If no other indication is given, the reading is available on-line via Macquarie's library


PART A: FREE SPEECH x NB: In Week 1 (4 - 8 August) there will be tutorials. Although there will be no set

readings for tutorials in Week 1, they will deal with important introductory and administrative matters. Students are strongly advised to attend.

TOPIC 1: THE FREE SPEECH PRINCIPLE Principles guide policy makers in the design of rules. This lecture asks what principles should govern media law. Should everything be premised on some kind of right to free speech? If so, what do we mean by this right and is it all it is cracked up to be?

x Lecture: downloadable by Friday, 1 August (end of Week 0) x Deadline for Quiz A: 11.00 pm, Sunday 10 August (end of Week 1) x Date of tutorials relating to this topic: 13 August (Week 2) x Readings:

o Essential: ƒ Butler & Rodrick, chapters 1 and 2, (pp...