Final Fantasy 7

Essay by m_iria_m July 2004

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Imagine how much you love something, and object. Imagine how much you cant live without it. Well, the object/objects you're thinking of isn't really what I'm thinking of. My object is Final Fantasy 7. I also have 8,9,10 but 7 is my favorite. It's a Playstation one game, and its 3 disks long, full of fights, magic, love, stories, bravery and betrayal. Here and there there's a bad word or two, and the characters are kind of small, but it's still an amazing game.

Their are many different characters in Final Fantasy 7, yet first we meet Cloud, a 21 year old, ex-Solider who is the main character in game, originally a member of Soldier, he is know as a mercenary who will say yes to any job. Then we meet Tifa, a 20 year old bar host who's bright and optimistic, Tifa always cheers up the others when they are feeling down.

Next we meet Barret, leader of AVALANCHE, a 35 year old man with a short temper and is usually heard swearing, he is also like the others, fighting the powerful Shinra inc. Next we meet Aeris, a bright 22 year old beautiful and somewhat mysterious girl. Aeris meets cloud while selling flowers on the streets of Midgar. She is also an Ancient. We meet this next character Red XIII in a lab were he is used to mate with Aeris, to make a breed of Ancients, but decides to attack Hojo instead. He is very useful and just like the name says he is an animal with red fur. Yet under this fierce exterior is an intelligence surpassing that of any human. Last main character is Cait Sith. Cait Sith rides round on a Moogle he magically brought to life. With the megaphone in his hand, he's...