Final International Marketing Plan

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Final International Marketing PlanExecutive SummaryThe Coca-Cola Company is aiming to establish the organization in a global market. In order to do this an effective international marketing plan must be developed. The market chosen for this global endeavor is France. The following marketing plan includes a variety of information on the development process. Market research is the largest aspect of creating a marketing plan. Before the Coca-Cola Company can begin to market their product, an understanding of the market needs to be considered. The market research in this instance including a description of the products and/or services the company provides and the market the company would be entering, in this case France. In addition, analysis of the environment, consumers, competition and the company were necessary as well and elements such as political risks, the economy, the culture, buyer behavior, and the company's own strengths and weaknesses.

Once the research is completed the development of the marketing plan can begin.

The development includes segmentation, targeting, positioning, strategy and implementation and control. Within the strategy elements, the four P's of marketing which is product, price, place and promotion must be created as well. Once each of these aspects is established the marketing plan can be implemented. The following plan details each element of the research and the development of the overall international marketing plan for Coca-Cola to market their products and/or services in France.

Marketing Plan Strategy ReviewI.SegmentationWith the intense competition in the beverage industry and the ever changing industry dynamics it is critical for us to stay focused on segmented markets and identify the unique and similar segments that span international markets allowing us to leverage and international marketing strategy as opposed to country specific campaigns. Consumers are becoming global through their exposure and the companies they work for and represent. We...