Final International Marketing Plan

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Within the last five weeks Team A from the International Marketing class MKT 450 has been working on an International Marketing Plan directed towards an international demographic. Team A decided to market portable air conditioners made by General Electric to the country of India. Considering India's climate and the popularity and experience of General Electric, Team A decided that this would be a good product to promote.

Within our research we have learned about India as to what their culture is like and the living conditions in the more populated cities in India. With this data the launch of the portable air conditioner in the Northern Plains of India, specifically in New Dehli. The cost of the air conditioner will depend on the supply and demand of the product within the area as well as the costs it takes to produce the air conditioner itself.

There are also many issues that we have found within our research, for example the interest in our product.

Even though a portable air conditioner would benefit the citizens of India greatly, the interest in owning one is not as strong. In knowing this, we are prepared for ways to make the air conditioner appealing (such as small size) to our demographic as well as convenient for them.

Considering that the United States and India are on good terms as well as the growing community that India is experiencing, the acceptance to new technologies and benefiting appliances should become greater. We expect that the portable air conditioner will become popular over time with the rising temperatures and the need for comfort.

Final International Marketing PlanMarketing products or services to the public can be a difficult task in a domestic target area. Marketing internationally to other countries is a whole new ball game. While it...