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LAW897 Media Law and Culture Session 2, 2014


This document has two components:

1. Unit Rules, which determine what a student must do in order to pass the unit. Unit Rules are set out in non-italicised font. Any variation must be in writing by the unit convenor.

2. Advice and guidance designed to help students succeed. These are provided in italicised font.

Both the Unit Rules and accompanying notes must be read carefully at the start of session. It is recommended that you then reread them a few weeks into the unit so that you make sure you are doing everything correctly. (NB: external students should read the separate document entitled 'Unit Notes for External Students'.)

1.0 COMMUNICATING WITH TEACHING STAFF By far the best way to communicate with the convenor is via email:

x Dr Roy Baker (convenor): The convenor checks his emails regularly and you can normally expect a response within a few business days. If you do not hear within four business days then it is likely that your email has gone missing. Only then should you send another chasing it up. When emailing, it is vital that you use your Macquarie email account ([] Messages sent from other accounts (Hotmail, etc) generally go straight to spam. You can set up your Macquarie account so that emails received there are forwarded to your regular account. Please compose your email carefully. Nothing is more irritating than messages that are all lower case, full of typographical errors, etc. These are likely to be interpreted to denote a lack of respect. Teaching staff are entitled to decline to respond to emails that are inadequately prepared.

Phoning the convenor is not a good idea unless the call is prearranged, since his phone is not regularly...