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Final Paper

Case 25: oil spill

During this semester I have learned many ethical theories that I can apply in real life situation that would help me get the best outcome of a critical situation that I might encounter in my professional career. This helps me understand that these ethical theories are very important to understand because it would make a huge impact on my personal life and also on my professional career.

According to my criteria I strongly agree with the theory called Kantian which falls on the category called deontological. I would like to tell you that I choose this theory because this morality rises over all critical situations from what is right or wrong that I might encounter in my professional career. I find this theory very easy to understand and to explain because it's very basic and based solely in good will. In other words "Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you''.

I also like this theory because it never disrespects the fundamental value of a rational being. This theory made a positive impact on my life when Dr. Jawroski explained it in class. I'm not trying to say that those other theories that were explained in class are wrong. I totally respect people decisions when they agree on Divine command theory, Aristotelian, and Nihilism to mention some of them, but for me I rather pick Kantian to get the best outcome of any critical situation that I face during my professional career.

I agree that Kantian theory is superior to the others theory's to be use in a professional decision making because it basically treats everyone equally so that everyone's opinions can be heard. This is because Immanuel Kant is proving what is known as, "virtue ethics''.