Final Project: Business Portfolio Presentation Create a 10-15 slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of information about a fictional company.

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The following is a presentation of information about "Nick's Mexican Restaurant". I will be going into detail about certain things that matter within a business like the organization, potential legal or ethical issues, business culture, types of motivation, human resource management, technology, and operations and materials management.

Introduction to Mexican FoodAlthough the restaurant will be mainly Mexican, the menu will also consist of several American dishes and sea food dishes like Caldo de Marisco (seafood soup) and other favorites.

Business OrganizationNick's Mexican Restaurant will be privately owned. Since it is I will be fully responsible for all debts and obligations related my business.

First at hand will be the staff, I need to have enough staff to get my business going and have the customers satisfied. My employees will consist of servers, cooks, dishwashers, preps, host/hostess, and a member of management for the kitchen and the front to greet the customers.

Always making sure my employees are happy and secure. Taking care of my teams who will in turn take care of our guests, resulting in increased profits.

Potential Legal or Ethical IssuesAs far as ethics goes, I will not be doing anything that may be considered illegal nor will my employees…I will stress it as much as possible to obey the law and be as clean and neat as possible.

Legally you can be sued for almost anything from having a dirty kitchen to a small crack on the parking lot floor. I will be having plenty of insurance and I will make sure my business follows and obeys all kinds of licensing law. I will make sure all tax laws and employment laws will be followed as well. All employees will be treated fairly and will always have the option of leaving if they want.

Business CultureNick's...