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CphoeniX Inc.'s Network DesignOctober 25, 2009Executive SummaryCphoeniX INC is a small organization that specializes in aircraft maintenance. The company's headquarters are based in Illinois; and they have facilities located in four other states as well. Each facility or office then consist primarily of four departments; maintenance, accounting, receiving, and shipping. Due to the breakdown of each department, and the multiple facilities, constant sharing of data, programs and various applications will need to be accessible over a Local Area Network (LAN); as well as over a Wide Area Network (WAN), and via remote access. The goals of the network, both LAN and WAN, are to allow for a secure yet easily expandable network, that allows real-time data transfer.

When planning the LAN for CphoeniX INC, there were multiple considerations to take into account; the main concerns being the integrity and accessibility of the data over the network; as well as the ease of expanding the network.

Along with these concerns, it has also been decided that each department needs to be able to share peripherals devices; such as scanners, copiers and printers. For this reasoning, the LAN in each of the facilities will use a star topology for its setup. CphoeniX Inc.'s star topology LAN will consist of Cat 5 e and 100Base-T cables. These cables will provide the necessary support for the network design allowing for speed and integrity. As well, this network layout will also allow for network expansion and management; and help support the future goals of the company.

As for the WAN that is to be used to connect the facilities to one another, there are a few key factors that need to be considered; the requirements of the WAN. These requirements include: being able to allow each facility to be able to connect, or rather...