Final Project: Race and Your Community

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Race and Your CommunityIntroductionGrowing up I was never so immersed in cultural diversity. My community was a whitecommunity. Until I made my first of many moves, to a townhouse when I was 8, there I saw myfirst members of color. Still though that was limited; it was not until I moved to Arlington when Iwas 18 did I truly appreciate that there were many peoples of different race, skin color, culture,religion, language, and ethnicity. All my experiences and opinions on cultural diversity arederived from my time living in Arlington. For me it was like moving to another country. Theculture shock was great. I knew that not everyone was the same but I had never lived amongpeople who did not share my customs, culture, religion, skin color, or race.

In the United States the majority may be White Americans; however, in my community Ifeel we are in the minority. My estimates for Arlington County's population are 80% illegalHispanic immigrants, 15% African Americans, and 5% Whites.

According to the US Censusbureau's 2004 poll, though, the percentages do not match up. They show Whites are 63.5%,Hispanics 17.1%, and African Americans 9.1%. (US Census Bureau 2004) I find these numbershard to believe being a member in the community. The census bureau would not be able to get anaccurate account do to the illegal population of Hispanics that enter our community every day.

By asking myself and others in the community these key questions I offer a more personal andaccurate view of race in my community.

Do members of your community look like you? In what ways do they look the same ordifferent? There are some members of my community who look like me share my race, religionand culture; however there are those who do not. Some are different races and different skintones. Many...