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Final (IT) Solution

Lee Johnston


Richard Sheng

Company Overview

Pacific Orthomed is a medical equipment company that has been in business for 11 years. The company has plans to increase sales over last years total of $24M+ by 20% in 2004. They design, market and sell their products at retail. In their current situation, the infrastructure cannot meet the demands required to reach their goals. They need to upgrade their current system to meet the new demands for increasing sales set by management.

They currently employ a staff of 50, including the warehouse and all the employees work at the same facility. The administrative, warehouse, marketing, sales and executive staffs use Dell computers on a LAN system. They have 3 Dell servers onsite that host all their sales information in databases. The warehouse staff is also tied into the LAN system and currently using MAS 200 by SAGE, an expandable accounting software system that utilizes a barcode module:

The corporate website is not currently ecommerce enabled or tied into the company databases.

With the intended goal to increase sales by 20% in 2004, the company has been presented with a series of challenges. There exists a language barrier between all warehouse, shipping, customer service employees and the sales force. There is some question as to whether the software may not have been able to handle adequately the production of the previous year. Is the software currently in place in the warehouse capable of the desired 20% increase in productivity? Are there sufficient capabilities for the development and production departments to communicate effectively to the marketing and sales departments? This may be either a connectivity or access issue, and can be addressed systemically. Should ecommerce be introduced through the corporate website, allowing for orders to be placed online? (Again,