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�PAGE � �PAGE �1� Public Relations Campaign

Public Relations Campaign: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital

Jennifer Allen, Helene Katz, Pat Matusiak, Michael Montecalvo and Rhona Stevens

University of Phoenix

MKT 438 Public Relations

Jim Peacock

July 23, 2007

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

Public Relations Issue

Publics Identified

Marketing Functions

Relationship Between Public Relations and Marketing

Media Release

Media Distribution List

Tactical Plan

Business Implications

Ethical Considerations

Impact of Technology

Globalization Considerations

Crisis Management Plan

Public Relations Campaign Budget

Strategies to Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Campaign

PowerPoint Presentation


Public Relations Campaign: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital


The public expects safety and security within an organization's database. Patton-Fuller Memorial Hospital is no exception. Breeches within the hospital's database can have a negative impact within the company's finances and reputation.

Providing a safe and secure Internet site will create a positive image to Patton-Fuller's management, employees, stockholders, local officials, government officials, the local media and the local community.

Patton -Fuller Community Hospital realizes that security with the company's database has an immense impact. By addressing these issues; the company is implementing a public relations campaign to position itself as a leader in healthcare and supporting a Internet site that is safe and confidential to those who access the website.

This paper will outline Patton-Fuller Community Hospital's public relations campaign including the defined target audience, an overview of public relations issues and the implications of ethical issues. Patton -Fuller Community Hospital will implement a marketing research plan and seek to align the marketing and public relation strategies.

Executive Summary

Patton -Fuller Community Hospital's primary goal is to become a leader in healthcare of the local community. One of many services is to provide a secure website to assist the employees and clients.

Recently there has been a breech with the operations of the...