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Executive Summary

In this report, we analyzed Woolworths Financial Report; it focuses on its 2002 operating performance. By means of calculating and analyzing the major financial ratios in profitability, asset utilization, liquidity and debt utilization, and comparing them with those in the previous years as well as three other retailer companies in the same industry: Coles Myer, Walmartstores and J.C. Penney Company Inc. From 2003 report of Career One Pty Limited, Coles Myes is the biggest the competitor with Woolworths in Australian (Career One Pty Limited, 2003). Another two typical retail companies J.C. penney Company Inc and Walmartstores are in American. We can make conclusion that what Woolworths achieved in 2002 was pretty good with the exception of the debt utilization ratios. The result of comparison indicates that Woolworths's performance was in positive position in 2002. However, we suggest the manager of the company should notice the financial operation risk.

Finally, we recommend that the investors should maintain their investment in Woolwarth in short term.

1. Introduction

1.1 Background of Woolworths

The Woolworths Limited is the one of the biggest Australian retail company made up of a number of businesses. Its head office is in Sydney. It operates more than 1400 stores in Australia, plus an additional 33 Dick Smith Electronics stores in New Zealand. (Woolworths Limited, 2003)

Woolworths opened its first store in Sydney on December 5, 1924. their nominal capital was just 25000 pounds (approximately 70000 Australian dollars today) and initial share offer attracted 34 people, including their 5 founders. Today, some 76 years on, in both city and bush, Woolworths Limited is pround to be a retailer and sustainer of the nation, providing value for money and good customer service each and everyday. (Woolworths Limited, 2003)

2. Principal areas of judgment

Information of Financial reports such as...