Financial Analysis on China Eastern Airline Company

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1. Executive Summary

This China Eastern Airline Company's Financial analysis based on its financial report which were include the Balance sheet and Profit and lost Account of the Company in year 2000 and 2001 (Show at page @@@).

The Financial Analysis was analyzed by using the types of financial analysis methods. It is includes:

The Common Size balance sheet of the China Eastern Airline in year ended 2001 with the analysis and explanation.

The Horizontal analysis over the Profit and Loss Account between year 2000 and 2001 with the explanation.

Calculated the China Eastern Airline Company's finance Ratios for both year 2000 and 2001.

The analysis of financial indicators of China Eastern Airline Company by from the Ratio calculation and at the same time, some of the risks that company may face in its future business develop was also listed on the Financial Analysis..

At the ended of the Financial Analysis, after go through and analysis the Financial statement of China Eastern Airline Company, the author was give some recommendations and suggestions to the company which may help the company have better develop and improve at the future time.

2. China Eastern Airline Company Background

The China Eastern Airline Company (CEA) is one of China's three major carriers in Airline Industry. Its subsidiaries and branches are located in East and Northern China with more than 40 sales offices all over the country. The scope of business includes 17 trades, such as commercial air transportation, general aviation, air catering, advertisement, import and export, air traveling, equipment manufacturing, real estate, hotel business, finance, and training, etc. The fleet includes more than 60 large and medium size airplanes, Airbus and Boeing mostly. It has formed a network centering in Shanghai radiating to the whole country and linking to Asia, Europe, America...