How to Find Happiness

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How to Find Happiness

A lot of people are too pre occupied with what they are doing with their lives at the moment that they tend to forget the more important things in life. Everyone should find their true purpose and live their lives the right way. The only way to find your true self is to learn how to graduate life with honors.

Nowadays, it's really hard to know what one should do his life. There many distractions that prevent us from realizing our purpose and fulfilling our dreams. Some people are alienating themselves from their true self because of the pressures that they encounter. Many are forced to work in jobs that they like doing because they are entangled with different distraction that keeps them from doing what they like. Parents are forcing their children to take medicine for example to become financially successful thinking that this will be best for them.

The result is their child will not get good grades and become irresponsible because they are doing something they don't like. They can't really express themselves nor do what want. One cannot be happy with being strapped with the idea that being successful in life is being successful financially. Of course, many of us consider that making a lot of money is will bring them success and happiness, but others would rather be a painter or musician and be happy and content. The only way a person could truly happy is by following their dreams and aspirations. many are lost not knowing where they are headed and find themselves in a dead end road. We must not allow others to dictate us on what we should do because it would only bring regret in the end. We should choose what we want in order to express...