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Food has always been an interest of mine, its a passion to please people with food, taste color and texture. I see food from an artistic stand point. I think food should look as good as it taste. Home economics was my first start, just for the shear fun of baking simple things. After I got a little more in depth with it I spoke with my instructor about expanding into the field of baking and cooking. I talk to her about a chef that can to my school when I was in the fifth grade and made some cupcakes for us and told the class that this is what he did for a job. Sure it was just a little thing a brief look at what he really did but I told my instructor that it has always interged me. Since she saw that I had an interest for food as a career, my teacher help me get into the Passaic County Technical and Vocational High School. A month before end of the school year I put in an application for the school I was very worried that I wasn't good enough to be excepted, but thanks to my good grade and a little help from my home ec teacher I recieved my letter of exceptance. I think I was the only kid eager to go back to school. The summer seemed like forever, but the summer came and went. Freshman year at PCT I was hoping to get started on my classes for culinary trades right away, unfortuntely I had to go throught the tour I wasn't able to start on my class I signed up for til my sophmore year. I figured if I had to wait I might as well make the best of it.