Finding Myself in a Story

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Different parts of everybody’s life can weaved together through stories, myths, and imagination. I can connect myself to many people and situations that have happened in my family. My great-grandparents, my grandma, my mom, and even the stories my parents told me when I was younger all weave a web, making a deeper connection with me, my family, and my past .

Back in the beginning of the last century in Russia, when people got married at eighteen, nineteen years old, Abraham and Sarah fell in love. Abraham was nineteen years old and already engaged. One day he was visiting a nearby town, when he came across Sarah, who was only seventeen at the time. It was love at first sight. They both knew that their parents would not approve. So Abraham organized for them to run away and get married. One day in the middle of the night, Abraham’s friend came to get Sarah; she climbed out of the window and got into the carriage that Abraham had prepared for her.

The inside was filled with special Russian candies and cookies, Sarah’s favorites. Abraham’s friend then took her to the neighboring town where Abraham was making fervent preparations for their marriage. The next day on their way back home, they did not really worry about what their parents would say, because they were already married. They lived happily together for sixty-five years. Someday, I too wish for my ‘prince’ to come get me in the middle of the night, just like my great grandfather “kidnapped” my great grandmother.

Ivanushka and Alyonushka were coming home from a long journey to get something for their father. Ivanushka was extremely thirsty and Alyonushka kept telling him to wait till they reached the well. It had rained the previous day, so when they...