"Finding Nemo" in comparison with "Myths Within's" stages of a hero

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Most heroes embark on great quests or journeys that define who they are. These journeys change the heroes when they are completed. In "Finding Nemo" Marlin, a clown fish, goes through a journey to save his son, Nemo. This journey changes him as well, when Marlin goes after his son he gains a positive attitude this is thanks to Dory his companion. Marlin goes through the seven stages of heroism as defined by David Creighton in Myths Within. The seven stages are Journey, Goddess, Power, Pain, Triumph, Love and Paradise. Dory befriends Marlin and she becomes his companion on the journey, she is the goddess of the story. Marlin is very cautious, determined and loving, this is his power. Marlin faces his greatest fears and he experiences pain as he loses his wife, coral, and all but one of his unborn children from a barracuda attack. Marlins only love was coral.

Marlins triumph and paradise is when he finds his son, Nemo. Marlins overprotectiveness causes Nemo to defy his father as in the tale "Daedalus and Icarus" when Icarus commits hubris which is the same as defying orders. Nemo even told his father that he hated him. Myths Within is a collection of classical and modern myths. In Finding Nemo there a two heros, Marlin and Nemo, they both go through journeys with goddesses, an underworld and triumph.

Marlins journey is exciting and terrifying as he ventures through the vast ocean to rescue his son, Nemo. Marlins great quest is begins after his beginnings with his wife in paradise as they have a new home in an anenome and they have hundreds of unborn children. A barracuda attacks their family and Coral, Marlins wife, sacrifices herself for the safety of their children but she dies herself...