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For the past ten years or so I have had a career where I made pretty good money. When I was laid off in December of 2005 I made a decision to go back to college and work on getting my Bachelor’s degree. When I made that decision I realized I had to overcome many obstacles or barriers to achieve my goal. Considering I already have an AA degree, I felt that one of my biggest challenges would be to get into a university. I also knew that money would be an issue, so getting financial aid is imperative. Overall I have never been much of a student, focusing on school has always been a problem for me. I guess I can just say that the biggest barrier in my education is myself.

I went back to college last summer. It was the first class I took in about eleven years and the first math class I took in thirteen years.

I got a “B” in the class, which gave me the self-confidence I was lacking as a student. Even though I had acquired my AA back in 1995, I was still about five classes short from being able to transfer to Sac State. I am currently taking classes for the third semester in a row, but I applied to Sac State after receiving passing grades from the fall semester. I recently was accepted to Sac State for the fall 2007 semester contingent on passing one last class, English 302 which I am now taking. So I am definitely beyond that barrier.

While I was working I made what was considered to be too much money and I did not qualify for any financial aid. Last year while I was in school I only received unemployment because I had...