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Literature Essay

Is "Finding Peace in one Soul" a major theme in the novel "The Kite Runner"? I will answer this question, why it is a theme throughout the novel in this essay. Amir is one of the characters, which finds his peace in the end of the book. But he is not the only character in the novel; in fact almost all of them find their peace in the end. Examples for those are Soraya and Baba.

Thou the book is mostly based on Amir's way to find peace with his soul, his father Baba shares the same problem with him. The reason for those characters path to find peace is guilt. The cause for Baba s guilt is, that he had an affair with his best friends wife and kept it for him self for his whole life with out letting his sons, Amir and Hassan, know.

He tries to treat both the same way. This can be seen every time Baba is trying to treat Hassan the same as Amir. An example for that is, when they go to buy a kite and Baba buys the same kite for Hassan as for Amir. This shows us that he would like to show people that Hassan is his son. But one of the most important things that Baba does is that he always does good deeds. He thinks for doing these good deeds he would loose his guilt but he carried his guilt with him till the end of his life.

Further on it can be looked at Soraya, Amir's wife. She achieved peace with her soul, in order of talking with someone about it, instead of keeping it for her self. This makes Amir almost jealous, because she lost the weight of her...