Finding Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

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Finding my PersonalStrengths and Weaknesses is a tough process of elimination. I could look at my strengths and think they are strengths but they are holding me back which makes it a weakness. For example I research things well. Sometimes I can research so long that it becomes time consuming. This time could be spent doing other things like writing. I could even stop researching and begin writing this paper.

There is no better way to find out what your weaknesses are than to start school, work full time and support a family. All three of these can be called Full-Time. This becomes an obstacle for one with poor time management skills. This is one of my weaknesses. Trying to find time and organizing my time is a major task. One good thing is that I am a night owl and burn into the night getting things done. I know that as I return to school I will be able to learn better organization skills.

I have many personal strengths. I have been known as a jack-of-all-trades. The go to guy as many people say. This keeps me very well rounded in dealing with people. I have been able to tech things up for the techies, and Un-tech them for the everyday Joe. This helps me in being very comfortable around all walks of life. This is a strength when dealing with the learning teams here at the university of phoenix. I can adapt the ways that I need to keep amnesty in the groups. I have also been seen as a hard worker. And I pick things up very quickly. Show me once and I can have it figured out. Let me listen and I have it set in my mind. By having these strengths I have been...