The Fine Art of Building the Perfect Sub Sandwich - Process Analysis Essay

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Building a sub sandwich that appeals to the hungry consumer is a delicate art. In order that these often-picky eaters return to buy more subs, the subs must be "top of the line." Everything on the sandwich must fit the needs of the customers to their exact request. Many do not realize that simple mistakes such as leaving off the pickles or mayonnaise, or adding too much pepper, and other instances alike may in fact cause the end of one artist's career. Though the creation of the perfect sub sandwich may be nothing more than a service to the consumer, to the builder, achieving such perfection comes with a profound glory and personal satisfaction.

Surprisingly, the perfect sub sandwich is not just about the amount of meat that is put between the bread, but the delicateness of adding the right amount of condiments or even interpreting the consumer's request to please them with their own level of satisfaction.

The steps to creating such an ideal sub are definite; therefore one should follow this analysis very closely to achieve top sandwich artist ranking.

In creating a sub sandwich, the first step to perfection is using the bread that is softest and freshest after baking. Seeing as the bread is the most noticeable attribute to the consumer's sandwich, it is highly important to use the best bread available. Before any sub sandwich can be made, the bread must be cut to fit the proper servings. For a regular sized sub, which is around seven inches, one-half of a loaf of bread is required. The half cut loaf must then be cut horizontally, separating the loaf into a bottom and top layer. Now the sliced bread is ready to receive the proper amounts of cheese and meat.

The next step in building...