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Devastated I could still recall clearly the event that took place, on the evening of July 4th. Just like every July 4th that comes and goes, people had no work. Some went on vacation, and some could just careless and stay home. That's exactly what I did.

I ponder around my house and into the living room where my dad was watching his usual "˜action' movies. Not noticing me, I turned to the corner of the room, and poked my head into the next room where my four brothers, and little baby sister was playing on their Playstation 2. Unable to find any of that interesting I went into the kitchen, and decided to help out with preparing dinner. I pour the mash potatoes filled with the piping hot chicken chunk gravy into a shallow engraved plate. On the other dishes, there was the buttery flavor corns, and the just out of the oven homemade biscuits with assorted creams, and fruit spreads on the side.

I help carry the main dish of the night out onto the wide spread dinner table. There we set the twenty-pound turkey filled with "Top Stove" stuffing's, soaking in its own marinade sauce. My mom and I pour the thick creamy vegetable soup into a medium size bowl, and placed it onto the table. I called out to my dad, my brothers, and sister that dinner was ready. We all barely sat down onto our seat and didn't even get a chance to get a single bite of anything, when it all began.

We heard countless loud booming sounds, followed by colorful bright flashing lights that filled the dark starry sky. We all dropped our food utensils and rushed over to the window. We all watched the different patterns and various shapes that the...