"Firearm ownership tends to be one of the main factors which leads to violent gun crime"

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It is widely believed that there is a strong connection between firearm ownership and violent gun crime. There are different points of view between gun control opponents and supporters on this issue. People are trying to realize whether the firearm control will decrease the rate of violent crimes and avoid accidents. However, it is not easy because of different aspects people see the firearm control. Firearms won't bring disorder if used appropriately and in right hands [10].

People who support firearm ownership have many valid reasons. "A. Kohn" implies that guns have deep roots in the American culture and history[6]. These advocates suppose that firearm control will only prevent people who abide the low possessing a gun and protecting themselves because criminals will find an illegal way to have a gun. Meanwhile, there are a lot of groups, like Million Mom March, witch even though oppose gun control want to rise interest for women to posses a gun for personal protection [8].

People can carry guns but they should be aware of many responsibilities and restrictions they have. Very strict lows should be applied on those who commit crimes with guns as a result of an improper use of them.

So as we can see guns have a positive role when used for self protection. That is why many people own SNS-s (Saturday Night Specials), small and cheap hand guns used for self protection. Gun in one way means power. When people have it in their hand they feel more they have security and power. Possessing a gun, many times does not give the opportunity to the owner to use it in self protection because many crimes occur outdoors. Nevertheless gun possession makes you feel independent, or as "Abigail Kohn" concludes: "A gun owner doesn't have to rely on any...