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Theme Paragraph for Hold Fast

Kyle Sawyer, Block:B, November.18th

In facing adversity a person's strength and determination will allow them to take control of their own destiny. For example, when Michael comes home late from a date with Brenda his Uncle Ted finds out and threatens Michael that if Curtis ever did that he'd "have his ass red enough by now. And [he] got a damn good mind to try it on" Michael. Pg 107. But Michael stands up to Ted's shaking fist in the air intimidating Ted to hit him, with Michael teasing Ted by saying "com'on, com'on hit me"! Ted gets even angrier because Michael is standing up to him but he walks away. Michael showed strength and determination standing up to Ted because he did not want Ted to control him and whom he was. Secondly, Michael is in English class when Kentson and his friends start teasing him about going out with Brenda.

Michael, being the only one standing up to him lets Kentson know to "keep [his] tongue quiet if [he] knows what's good for [him]". Pg. 117. Kentson continued and then Michael took "One smack and sent him sailing back over the seats". Pg. 118. Michael was determined to not have Kentson tease anyone again and he showed strength in standing up to Kentson when no one else had. Thirdly, When Michael comes home from school after being expelled for giving Kentson a concussion, Ted finds out and is furious. Ted yells at Michael and "made a lunge for [Michael]. Grabbing [his] shoulders and rammed [him] up against the kitchen wall banging [his] head in." Pg. 140. As soon as Ted let Michael drop, Michael screamed telling Ted "Don't you offer to lay another finger on me! Don't you offer or I'll have...