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Dear Mr. Miller: Ever since I was little I have been interested in emergency rescue and pre hospital care. I have always loved helping people when they need help the most. Recently I thought of pursuing a career in firefighting. As a kid I always thought that firefighting was not a job that can be achieved by anybody then later I found different. I have looked into the career and I found it very interesting.

One of the main things I need to be a firefighter is experience. This helps a lot in getting a job as a firefighter. I also need to start learning about firefighting before I go to college for I could be a little bit ahead. I also don't even know if I like it for sure. Out in the field I would be able to do all of these things. For my senior project I would like to become a volunteer firefighter.

I have been talking to some volunteers about becoming a firefighter and they said I meet all of the requirements. I am 18 years old and in good physical shape. I want to go to all of the training to learn about it. As a volunteer I will get a pager and will be called out when there is an emergency. I am going to document all of my training and when I go on calls. For my presentation I will make a display of all of the calls I went on and I will include pictures.

The following are four things I hope to learn from my senior project: 1. What it is like to be a firefighter and see if I like it.

2. About the fire apparatus.

3. How it feels to make such a big difference...