"Fires in the Mirror".

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"Fires in the Mirror"

In the film "Fires in the Mirror" there is the fictive world of the play, this world of the play is set to be as if it were real life, as if it were candid shots of the interviews it portrays. The scenes have a sense of familiarity, in the fact that you can see yourself in an office or a restaurant or even your own home, but the play itself is unfamiliar seeing as how I never heard about the riots when I was younger and I had never heard of the play or the playwright till taking this class.

The film and the play are for the most part set in New York, or to be specific, Crown Heights in Brooklyn. The film depicts the lives of many characters that were interviewed and were a part of the riots in Crown Heights. Some were activist, and some were just caught in the crossfire.

Some of the characters in my opinion were involved to, fuel the fire, you might say. In my opinion that is what the characters of Al Sharpton, and Angela Davis did, but the main person to, fuel the fire, was a man named Richard Green, when he told Harry Rice to gather the youth of the area. In my view of the play I saw this as an attempt to incite a riot. The main idea behind these people was that they thought that know one cared, but you see how race, power, turf, and tribes come into play throughout the entirety of the play. With living in the south I understand the struggle with many of these beliefs that people fight over, I'm not saying it's right but it's a common occurrence, and it is portrayed in the characters...