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The Firm By: John Grisham Mitchell McDeere was a young lawyer straight out of Harvard who took a great job offer from Bendinni, Lambert, & Locke. He was an extremely hard worker who wanted to be the best that any lawyer could be.

Abby McDeere was Mitchell's wife. She was a schoolteacher who was quite disturbed with the amount hours at work her husband was putting in a week. She didn't like the way they were living as a married couple.

Wayne Tarrance was part of the FBI who was doing a case on the firm. They were finding out information about the firm through Mitchell. They wanted to put an end to the firm.

Lamar Quin and Oliver Lambert were the two headmen at the firm. They were after large sums of money and Mitchell McDeere.

DeVasher and Lazarov set up the whole plan of killing McDeere. They the papers, and they wanted him dead.

The Bendini, Lambert, & Locke firm was located in Memphis. Many members of the firm often took vacations to islands in the Caribbean called the Caymans.

The story takes place in present time. Technology such as computers and copy machines were mentioned in the story.

Mitchell McDeere accepted a great paying lawyer position at the Bendini, Lambert, & Locke firm in Memphis. The position had great benefits and the opportunity to earn well over millions of dollars. The firm was very promising, and they gave Mitch and his wife a new house, furniture, and a BMW. The only disturbing thing about the firm was that they had lost five lawyers in the past to unusual deaths. What Mitchell didn't realize was that the firm had been doing illegal acts for years and the FBI had been trying to figure them out.

Every lawyer that the FBI had tried to get answers out of had later turned up dead. They decided that Mitchell McDeere would be the easiest to convince to get information for them; he was new and didn't know very much about the firm.

Mitchell slowly figured out that there was something that the firm was hiding, and that he was being followed and listened to everywhere he went. He decided to go through with the FBI's investigation even though he knew that his life would be in danger.

Mitchell, Abby, and Tammy, a friend, teamed up to collect the information that the FBI needed to convict the firm. Abby and Tammy spent a whole night collecting files and copying them for evidence. It was very risky business.

Plans had already been made to kill Mitchell McDeere. The firm was extremely suspicious and was shocked that Mitchell McDeere had the brilliance and guts to go through with all of the work that he had done.