First aid is a skill that we all should learn.

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A skill that everyone should master is first aid. First aid is the basic procedures that could teach someone to help a injured, hurt, or dieing person. First aid is not hard to learn and they are classes that will teach it for free.

The reason why you should learn first aid is very simple. Say you were running with a friend and they had a heat stroke. You could apply first aid and get help as fast as possible . If you did not know first aid you would be in real bad shape sad to say but your friend could die. First aid could be critical when you are in a situation like that. Take another example. Say you were the one that had a heat stork and it was up to your friend to make sure that first aid was given and know help was on the way.

Would you want your friend to know first aid? Yes you would I mean who wouldn't. We all know that life is shift changing all the time and that knowing something as simple as first aid could save someone's life maybe yours is enough reason to go learn or have someone teach you.

If you do not know first aid and you are put in a situation that inquires first aid you are pretty much as helpless as the person who is injured . Just imagine say you are babysitting someone's kid or maybe your own and they get burnt. You don't know what to do because you don't know first aid. Not knowing if it is a first degree or a second degree burn can make a big difference because if it is a second they need to seek medical treatment or if it's a first they need...