The first americans.

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The First Americans

Many peoples have contributed to the development of the United States of America. America is known as the melting pot because it has always been a nation composed by immigrants of all races . The first humans to inhabit the North American continent were migrants from northeast Asia and the Pacific Islands who established settlements in North America as early as 8000 BC and possibly much earlier. These migrants drifted in small groups to North America and came in five different waves.

These early immigrants survived the harsh times and difficult American climate as well as the wilderness on primitive basic instincts. The immigrants where mainly hunters and gatherers who had little control over their environment and food supply. They brought with them their own spiritual beliefs and ideals. One early tribe known as "The Red Paint People" is among the first early American culture group to be known to hunt large whales and sword fish, something no other tribe was capable of.

This same tribe is also known for the oldest burial mounts found in America, To protect themselves form the cold in winter, most tribes constructed snug homes and wore the furs of their prey on their backs. They survived on their hunting of small animals and fishing (except for the Red Paint People).

This first wave of immigrants became the forerunners to latter tribes and civilizations such as the Algonquian, Iroqui, Siovian, Aztec, and Mayan Indians among others. The second wave of Imigrants to arrive in America lived similar lifestyles to the first and spoke the language "Nadene" which is the root of the Navajo and Apache languages. A third wave of Natives where known as Inuits or Eskimos.

Not all of the early settlers where of Asiatic origing. The Norse Vikings explored...