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When is he going to buy it?

He keeps saying he's going to buy, but he doesn't.

He promised me he will buy it for me on New Year's day, but he didn't because we didn't choose one yet.

One special day on the weekend my dad and I went to Toy's"R" Us to buy me a bicycle.

It was kind of hard to select one because there were many of them . There were yellow ones, black ones, green ones, grayish ones, red ones and others. I told my dad that I didn't like the yellow, black, green ones because the yellow one was bright, the black one was dark, and the green one wasn't bright or dark, but I just didn't like it.

There were left the grayish ones and the red ones.

I thought the red one was better for me because two reasons:

#1. My dad enjoyed it better than the other ones.

#2. I enjoyed it because it wasn't so bright, it wasn't so dark and it was just good for me. So we bought it, put in our car and drove home.

The first thing we really did when we got home was put it together. Then I tested the bicycle and my skills on it. I pedaled and my dad pushed me then he let go of me. I went to the left, to the right and back to the left and then I stopped, because there was a gate. I tried it about five to seven more times. I got okay at it. Then I showed my okay masterpiece to my mom. I think she was amazed at it.