First Day At My New School.

Essay by ShuShu58 July 2007

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On my first day at my new school, I expect many new things to happen as well. Many routines had to be changed too. I had to wake up earlier than usual to prepare for school because the new school was four bus-stops away from my house.

“Ring, ring, ring”, my alarm clock started to go off.

One part of me wanted to sleep for a few more minutes while another wanted to head to school immediately. Somehow or rather, I got myself to the bathroom to get ready for school. It was a new term and on every first day of school, I would ask myself what I want to achieve at the end of the whole term. This time, my goal was to stay healthy. With this mentality, I reached my new school.

During assembly, I hang around with the close friends. We started class soon after a warm welcome from the principal.

We were introduced to our form teacher for the year and I felt she was understanding. She wanted our class to bond and she came up with a surprise game. My class sure had fun together.

After a few hours of class, I rushed for recess as usual. To my surprise again, there was pizzas for sale. Never would I imagine that pizzas would be sold in our school canteen! I shared a large pizza with a few of my friends. It tasted delicious. Since our recess duration was extent, there was still some time left for a match of basketball.

The second bell rang and everyone rushed back to their respectively classes. This lesson was Geography lesson which I do not enjoy most. A new teacher step into the classroom and her fierce looking face really scared my class to total...