The First Four Years

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THE FIRST FOUR YEARS The book begins in 1885, on a hot day on the Dakota prairie. Laura and Almonzo Wilder are planning their wedding. The book describes their first four years together as husband and wife. It talks about the trails and tribulations they had to endure. It describes their move from Dakota to Missouri. It describes the new people they met along the way and how they had to deal with Indians and the weather as they were beginning their new life together.

I really liked this book because it talks about the way life was. The people had many hardships that people today take for granted. They had so little money, but yet were very rich. I don?t think any one who has ever read a Little House book could say there was something they didn?t like about it. There was nothing about the book I didn?t like.

The characters were real people who actually lived and told of those times. The characters in this book were excellent because of the fact they were real people, not just made up characters. I would strongly recommend that any one who has not read a Little House book should do so. They are excellent books for any one of any age.