First Impressions

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First impressions are very important! Within seconds of a new encounter we are evaluated. The other party appraises our visual and behavioral appearances from head to toe. They observe our demeanor, mannerisms, body language and even our grooming and accessories. With every new encounter, we are evaluated and another person's impression of us is formed. These first impressions are nearly impossible to reverse, making these encounters extremely important because they set the tone of the relationship to follow. I believe the process works something like this: If we appear to be comparable at a social level we are considered okay for further interaction. If we appear to be of a higher social status, we are admired and considered an important contact. If we appear to be of a lower social status, we may be tolerated, but not accepted.

When we make the best possible first impression, we have the other in the palm of our hand.

When we make a bad first impression, we lose the others attention no matter how hard we try to get it back.

It seems to me that the ability to think without thinking, has significant meaning in how we develop friendships. This ability we have, to quickly make judgment calls, may at times, save our lives. We recognize fakeness and allow ourselves to assess situations and take quick actions. First impression are not something we want to get rid of even if our snap decisions are wrong at times.

I think we can control our first impressions be by being aware of several things. First, we need to be ourselves. If we are uptight we can make the other feel uptight, thereby giving the wrong impression.. If we are confident the other person will feel more at ease and we will make...