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Through different novels, there are different ways in which characters and settings can be introduced to the reader. This is caused by the way in which writers engage themselves in the writing of the texts or by the style in which the writer uses. The styles in which they use for example could be by introducing the plot at the start or possibly even introducing the setting. This essay will deal with how these two texts, "Northern Lights" by Philip Pullman and "Shadow Seeker" by Jen McVeity has been started differently, because the way in which they start can result in different "First Impressions".

The beginning of the novel, Shadow Seeker, is based on the construction of the characters. Jen McVeity does this by first starting with what Tess, the main character, wanted to do and how she would do this. For example, in the beginning of the novel, Mrs McVeity wrote " You try delivering a rat to the presenter of TV's biggest news program" which attracted the reader but most importantly it stated "rat to the TV's biggest news program" which basically stated what Tess wanted to do.

Mrs McVeity also includes how Tess would dress and also how Tess would feel. Jen McVeity not only writes a character description for the main character but also the other five that were Colin, Amanda Brinkley, Jacob, Neil and Archie Wolinski. This way, the reader can easily see what the main character was like, due to her actions.

Yet, the beginning of the novel Northern Lights, it was mainly focused on stating the setting in which the story took place. Philip Pullman does this by first talking about moving through the "darkening Hall". As the character moves down the hall, Mr Pullman quite easily tells the reader...