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The First Job As a student, spending on allowances was not enough for me. It stands to reason that if I want extra money to spend, I need to go to work. So I went to work. I was a part-time employee of a clothing company name "Old Navy" which was located in the Shopping Mall. I did not really enjoy being a Sale Associate at Old Navy because it was a low-paying job and the environment was so boisterous. Also, it had many strict regulations.

First of all, the way I was paid for the job was a minimum wage. It was pretty low paying for a Sale Associate position. Due to the financial circumstances, I had to accept it for the time being. Besides, being a high school student, I did not have much of a choice. I did not really have time to look around for other jobs.

Plus, I intended to work only for a while till I had enough saving. So I did not really bother to negotiate the wage.

Not only was it a low paying job, it was also a noisy working environment. The place was constantly crowded with customers. The radio was always playing energetic beat on the speakers, supposedly, to create a rowdy atmosphere. But to me, it only made the milieu to more agitated and loud. Furthermore, the numerous conversations between the customers and the employees continually exacerbate the situation as if it was a talk show with consistent applause from the audiences.

Perhaps, the most worth-mentioning thing about this job is the strict regulations that were being enforced. If it were a decent and reasonable paying job, I would not mind to comply to the rules at all. But it was a minimum wage job whose regulations...