First Liberty Federal Credit Union: Job Turnover

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First Liberty Federal Credit Union: Job Turnover

Ah, another new face, I see. Can't they ever keep a person around? I have been a member here for 25 years. You had better know my password! I've never asked to see my driver's license! Tasha there knows me, go and get her!

On the other hand- we got ourselves a new girl again, ill give her 6 months and then she will be gone. Now I have to work extra hours while she is trained. What happened to that other girl? She just up and left -I am well not too surprised, that is what they all do…

This is a good example of what both employees and members feel when they see a new employee or when one leaves. There is a lot of frustration. Turnover can be easily defined as a portion of employees leaving an organization during a given time period.

Most of the time the turnover is during the first year. In this paper, I will be discussing the need for change, the impact on the First Liberty Federal Credit Union's organizational culture, my consultant consideration, the diagnostic process, the overcoming of resistance, the institutionalize timeline, and the OD intervention strategies that I will use to help with the turnover.

A) Anticipated the need for change:

I have been working for the First Liberty Federal Credit Union in Great Falls, Montana, as a Part-Time Teller, since august of 2006, and I have noticed many people coming and going within the organization. The girl I replaced was only there for a year among other girls that left a few months prior. I feel that the need to change is in the turnover because the organization seems to put a lot of effort in training the new...