The First Morrocan Crisis as part of The Origins of World War One. --- " Examine an influential force in an important historical event"

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In 1905, Germany was a spoilt child in a familiar playground who felt she was being ignored and left out of the game. The period between 1905 and 1912 was marked by a series of crisis which greatly increased tension within Europe and vastly increased the likelihood of war. The fall of the Bismarckian Alliance System allowed for the rival powers of Russia and France to form an Entente in 1897, which disrupted the balance of continental power and made Britain eager to find an ally. After forming the Anglo-Japanese Alliance in 1902, Britain looked to reconcile her differences with France and the Entente-Cordiale was created in 1904. The creation of this alliance agitated Germany, and when France ignored the conditions of the Madrid Conference with its intentions in Morocco, Germany saw her chance to reconcile what she had lost, and break up the Anglo-French Alliance. However Germany's aggressive nationalism in the First Moroccan Crisis only isolated her further, encircling her in a ring of rivals and increased continental polarisation.

The Bismarckian Alliance System was created to protect the new Germany; Bismarck tried to remain on good terms with both Austria-Hungary and Russia while isolating France. However the fall of Bismarck allowed for a rival alliance, a Franco-Russia Alliance (The Dual Entente), to be created in 1894. Britain saw this as a shift in the balance of continental power and felt that her policy of 'splendid isolation' was unsafe and that she would need an ally to counter this new alliance. Britain's first breakthrough came in 1902 with the Anglo-Japanese Alliance, this meant that she had an ally in the far east and that she could now concentrate her vast navy in Europe and its escalating affairs.

Meanwhile Morocco had fallen into anarchy following the kidnapping of an American...