First nations people.

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I feel that the federal government should be equal with the First Nations people and let them get the special rights that they deserve, but not too many special rights, we shouldn't give them more than they need. I do not think that they should be treated with unfair rights that some of them seem to be getting right now in British Columbia. I am saying that the First Nations people in B.C that are getting treated badly should get some special rights, cause its not all of the First Nations people, its only some.

I do not believe that what had happened to the Indians in the past was very fair. A person just cant go to someone's land and give them diseases that they have no cures for and then take over and wipe out 95% of their population. It seems that this history is almost repeating itself again in some areas of B.C,

which is not a good thing.

I think that treaties are not that good of an idea because it is going to cost too much money. If we choose yes for the treaties they might get more than they deserve or maybe not even enough. I do not think that the First nations people should get treated any better than us and should only get extra money if they are on welfare, they need health care or have any special needs. Those three things that I just mentioned that they should get is resnioable and at least they would be getting something either than nothing.

The First Nations People should not get any "special benefits" except for the ones that I mentioned, what happened to the First Nations people happened a long time ago and the benefits that I mentioned should be...