a first person narative for english 101 called "We Make Memories"

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The air smelled of popcorn and the sun was a giant red ball on the horizon. The midway was packed with people, as it is every Sunday, the last night of the show.

All of the rides had just lit up as the sun would set in another twenty minutes. The lights would keep the midway as bright as mid-day. I was working my way through the crowd, on the way back to the skydiver, careful not to spill the four cups of coffee I was bringing back for me and my crew. The carnival would close in another four hours for the last time in this town. This is slough night, the busiest night of the week for Carney's. At midnight the midway was cleared of marks and the wok begins. All the rides are torn down and put on trailers and all the games are taken apart and stowed on trucks.

Our little town is mobile and the trucks pull out at dawn

That is still a few hours away and in the mean time I still have a ride to run. As I thread my way back through the excited crowd I had to pause. I was still some distance away but the 'diver' is a huge ride. 107 feet tall, it looks like a Ferris wheel, except the riders are strapped and can spin the tub with a wheel in front of them.

Considered a high speed ride, the skydiver was the show piece of the carnival. At night when she was lit up and flashing you could see it for miles. At the moment she was running full tilt and the line was at least fifty feet back in the midway; a very busy night

The mood of the crowd was...