First person point of view in 'My Oedipus Complex.'

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Point of view is one of fiction's elements which are classified by Staton as the means of the story, literary device. Preference of point of view will be influenced through the way of story. It is why point of view should be taken into consideration the presence and the form of point of view.

The meaning of point of view itself is something refers to the story which is told. It is a way or a view that is used by the writer as a medium to provide the figures, actions, setting, and events that form the story in fiction work point of view.

Point of view itself can be divided into two kinds: first-person ("I" style) and third-person ("he/she" style). Both of those kinds of point of view have their own consequences. So that, freedom side and limitedness are need to be seen objectively proper with the possibility that can be reached by point of view that is used.

However the writer has the unlimited freedom to use more than one point of view in writing.

In Frank O'Connor's short fiction, My Oedipus Complex is used first-person point of view. It is seen since the beginning of the story.

Father was in the army all through the war - the first war, I mean - so, up to the age of five, I never saw much of him, and what I saw did not worry me. Sometimes I woke and there was a big figure in khaki peering down at me in the candlelight. Sometimes in the early morning I heard the slamming of the front door and the clatter of nailed boots down the cobbles of the lane. These were Father's entrances and exits. Like Santa Claus he came and went mysteriously.

In this story, the point of...