The first Revolution in Russia was followed so soon by a second one.

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Why was the first Revolution in Russia followed so soon by a second one?

Actually the February Revolution in 1917 had been a collapse of tsardom from within rather than an overthrow from outside. The war, intensifying all the problems from which Russia had traditionally suffered, had played an important role for the fall of the traditional regime. But the decisive reason was that unlike to 1905 revolution, the leadership elite was on the people´s side, which enabled the February Revolution to succeed. Like Chris Read said: "Only by looking beyond the streets and considering the activities of the elite can we really understand why the monarchy fell. In 1905, in the face of the revolutionary threat, the elite had, when it mattered, fallen into line behind the autocracy. This is the crucial difference. In 1917 most of the elite abandoned the monarch"( The decline of Tsarism, Warwick History Video, 1987).Now

we have to ask us for which reasons there had been another revolution only 9 months later?

During February 1917, it were the liberals who seized power through forming a "Provisional Govenment", dominated by Kadet and Octobrist leaders. However, they thus took responsibility for a burden of problems left by the Tsar: War, a deteriorating economic situation, peasant demand for land redistribution, and national minority demands for independence. In addition, they faced a huge opposition, the soviets, who held the real power.

It is known that the tsar left the Russian economy bankrupt. Therefore only the war-credits and supplies Russia received from the allies during the war made it possible for Russia to survive. But soldiers were ingreasingly unwilling to fight. People were getting more and more disaffected as they saw no end of deaths and casualties, hunger and deprivation. At this time Russia had gone beyond a point...