First Steps of Football: Establishing an Association

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Exactly where the first ball was kicked is buried deep in the history. This sport as an association was founded on 26th of October 1863 at the Freemason's tavern in Holborn, England. However, according to some sources football was already played more then two thousand years ago. There are records, which say that earlier forms of this sport were found in China, Greece and Rome as I said over two thousand of years ago. At that times football fields, were as long as the towns' were people lived. Citizens divided into two parts and played. But of course it was not a real football. Imagine how can even one hundred people play with one ball one at a time, I think its silly.

Day-by-day, year-by-year football developed and reached 19th century. As I mentioned at the beginning, at that time this sport was founded as an association. The main football clubs in England (for example: Forest, Barnes, War Office, Crusaders, Crystal Palace and others) sent their representatives to the meeting in the Freemason's tavern and they discussed the problem.

It was agreed that the clubs represented at this meeting formed themselves into an association to be called "The Football Association."

On December 8, 1863 "The football Association" formally accepted the laws of this new sport. These rules were proposed by the ancestor of today's Rugby Union Game. Despite the time that passed after establishing these rules, they didn't really change. I mean that some of them changed and some did not. There were exactly thirteen of them and they are very simple. As I said some changed and some did not. Let me bring couple of examples from these rules. I mentioned before, at the beginning that first football fields were as long as towns were, the first...