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Anthony Marston

Marston is a young, handsome, rich playboy. He is a dangerous driver and is accused of killing a young couple with his car. He is the first character to be murdered. Cyanide is put in his drinking glass and he chokes to death after drinking.

Mrs. Rogers

Mrs. Rogers is the house servant and the wife of the butler, Mr. Rogers. She is accused by the gramophone recording of taking part in the killing of her former employer. She is the second victim in the house and is killed after being given a lethal dose of sleeping medication.

General Macarthur

Macarthur is a retired World War I general who is accused of sending a man with whom his wife is having an affair into battle so that he will be killed. The General has a strong sense of foreboding upon arriving on the island and is the third victim.

He dies from a traumatic blow to the head.

Mr. Rogers

Rogers is the butler and caretaker of the house on Indian Island. He, along with his wife, withheld an important medication from a former employer, which killed his employer. He is the fourth victim on the island, dying from a blow to the head while chopping firewood.

Emily Brent

Mis a religious fundamentalist who believes she is morally superior to everyone else on the island. She is accused of killing a young girl by causing her to commit suicide after being kicked out of her house. Miss Brent dies from a dose of cyanide injected into her neck.

Mr. Justice Wargrave

Wargrave is an old judge who is accused by the gramophone of having murdered Edward Seton, a man over whose trial he presided. The reader believes that Wargrave is the sixth murder victim on the island, but...