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The interviews I conducted took place at J. M. Hill Elementary school of the East Stroudsburg School District in Pennsylvania where I met Mrs. Ryno and Ms. Muhlhahn in classroom settings. I chose J. M. Hill because of its convenient location. The two teachers were chosen for interviewing because they were elementary educators of either the third or fourth grade level, which are the same grades I am interested in teaching someday.

The first interview occurred on Tuesday, March 7, 2006, around 3:15 p.m. with Mrs. Ryno, a third grade teacher. It lasted for an hour and fifteen minutes. An hour prior to the interview itself, I observed the teacher review types of PSSA test questions with one of her math classes. I have to say that she is the first teacher that ever reminded me of a mother --my mother. Mrs. Ryno is strict and demanding, yet there is a warm and lovable side to her; she is like a mother who cares for the well being of her child and who will do what it takes for that child to be successful.

She also has a great sense of humor. I asked Mrs. Ryno several questions during the interview about her profession. Mrs. Ryno mentioned how she was married and had two children. She was born in New Jersey and moved with her parents, eight years later, to Pennsylvania. Growing up she always talked about becoming a teacher. Right after college, Mrs. Ryno worked as a substitute teacher and soon recognized third grade teaching to be the best professional choice.

Mrs. Ryno: ...I've been a teacher for fourteen years now. And, I would consider myself to be young in age, you know... I've done a lot of substitute teaching and found junior high school to be the worst.