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The Shortnose sturgeon is found on the Hudson river, from the southern tip of Manhattan, in the lower seas. They are restricted in range to the Atlantic seaboard, from Saint John's river in Brunswick to the Saint John's river in florida.

They live mainly in the slower moving waters, or nearshore marine water.

They move into faster moving fresh water to breed

Shortnose sturgeon are effected in the sea, by pollution, construction of large dams, and many northeastern rivers during their period of growth in the late 1800's and early 1900's. They were also effected by overfishing, loss of habitat, limited access to breeding, and water pollution. And also commercial exploration of Shortnose sturgeon throughout its range, in the 1950's.

Shortnose sturgeon needs the basic requirements to live in their environment. e.g fresh water, and marine water. They will not live if they are put into polluted waters. They need there food.

( shellfish, shrimps, crayfish, and plants) and need to live in small portions of the seas.

Shortnose Sturgeon has not got a community, they tend to live alone, due to the risks of pollution and over fishing, and also their lifestyle, they like to live alone. They do have a part community when they're breeding spawning.

Sturgeon are bottom feeders: they suck small plants and animals into their tube like mouth. ( Sludge worms, plants, shrimps, snails, and crayfish) This makes them a good indicator of the ecosystem health and viability. Living successful for millions of years.

Interdependent means if something or someone needs to rely on anyone to live. For example: Shortnose Sturgeon are not interdependent, they don't need to rely on each other for food. Only and when breeding.

Food Chain

Photosynthesis -> Plants -> Crayfish -> Shortnose Sturgeon

They are consumers because they eat other...