"The Fish" by Elizabeth Bishop.

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Elizabeth Bishop has written a very impressive poem about a fish-a very usual creature. The Fish is a poem about the fish that the author had caught. Under her view, the image about a "tremendous" fish, with many details, has been created vividly in my mind. Bishop has described the fish in an easy manner, so that the readers can imagine how magnificent the fish is, and also how she feel. Through her words in the poem, we can see the feeling of victory, proud, are mixed with pity for the fish.

In the poem "The Fish", we can divide into two parts. The first part is about the fish, the poet tried to describe how big the fish was, how he looked like, etc. The second part is about the feeling of the poet, how she felt when she caught a "tremendous" fish.

When the poet first caught the fish, she was really surprise, the fish didn't do anything to escape her "He didn't fight.

He hadn't fought at all."(line 5,6) Maybe he had escaped the hook many times in his life, and now he was too tired, too old, so that he decided to not escape anymore? The fish's strange behavior had inspired her to watch him more carefully "He hung a grunting weight, battered and venerable and homely."(line 7,8,9) She was so curious about the fish, she keep watching him "His brown skin hung in strips...was like wall-paper"(line 10-13) Here, the poet relate the fish's skin to something very common to readers-wall-paper. The use of the word "wall-paper" has help readers easier to imagine how the "strips" of the fish look like. Bishop wrote "ancient wall-paper"-"ancient" means the fish's age-we can feel the author's admiration for the fish, that although faded...