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Fishing for sport or just a little fun, people have been doing for centuries. Fishing has been a great part of our lives and, part of the foundation that shaped our great country. As history goes, fishing for food was a skill for survival in many cultures. The competitive nature of mankind has turned out thousands of men, women and children with their rod n reels, nets and spears, all after the golden trophy, the biggest fish. Fishing is the only sport that can be so competitive and also made in to a relaxing afternoon.

Thinking about spear fishing, we tend to think of it as something from our native past, but in reality it is still a highly practiced sport. Divers generally use spears for fishing underwater. The technique for this method is challenging to learn, although not impossible. There is a very strict practice makes perfect method, not to mention a lot of time and patience.

Net fishing is somewhat of a controlled method of fishing. Most commonly nets are used for commercial fishing. There are three types of commercial fishing nets, there are Gill Nets, which trap fish by the gills as they try and back out of the net. Trap Nets are another the fish are baited into an enclosure and trapped in a square shaped 'pot' with a boat. And finally there are Salmon nets, these nets are marked with a safety buoy which extends to a minimum of 5ft above the surface and reflective orange in color, these nets area bout 300ft in length. Because these nets capture more then their intended fish, this has made them an undesirable method of fishing.

The most common way to fish is with the old Rod n Reel. The Rod can be found in several...