What is a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle?

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What is a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle?

Through the media today, whether magazines or the television, people are given a biased view of what the perfect body should look like, what we should eat to achieve that and the products we should buy in order to help us. However, these many methods helping us to lose the excess weight would most likely not produce a healthy body, and may even create more problems; though it may be effective in losing that "excess weight", it may create other serious health issues and concerns. Thus many may ask, 'what would be the perfect fit and healthy lifestyle?" Regular exercise, and having a balanced diet by eating the specified portions from the four food groups are all key ingredients to this perfect lifestyle.

Today, with the technological developments, people can do serious exercising right in their homes; yet, more than often, people do not make use of this advantage.

Nearly all of the population are accessible to these developments yet only a small percentage uses these facilities. The importance of exercising and the positive effects it bring should be recognized and taken seriously. A regular daily exercise should be taken into consideration for people of all ages because it works out the muscles in the body, maintaining a healthy weight, good heart and can bring happiness or self-satisfaction into one's life. From a reading on the internet, it is concluded by experiments that "Exercise helps the body burn more sugar." This is due to the fact that more insulin and sugar flow through the body while exercising; therefore more sugar is burned while the body moves around, the study also showed that people who exercise usually have lower blood sugar. Thus one of the first choices consider when thinking of changing one's body's...