Fitness in America, an opinionated paper

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Today in America over one third of the people are unfit. All my life I have seen fit people and unfit people and it made me sad to see them. To see the unfit people made me sad because I knew how easy it was to be fit. Many people think that today you must go to a big fancy gym or have a personal trainer to get into shape and stay fit. Many people ask me, 'What the easiest way to get into shape?' I answer them by asking what they think of when they picture someone who is in shape or trying to get into shape. Nine times out of ten they will say a runner. I tell them that they are correct, and that is their answer. If people would just take a second to think about how most people start to get into shape they would save a lot of money.

You see, there is no reason that one third of Americans today should be out of shape, as well as spend hundreds of dollars a year on fitness facilities, trainers and other equipment.

We are born with an incredible machine that is capable of doing more than any other machine. The human body is a better machine then any other machine in the fact that the more it is used or exercised, the better it gets. What other machine gets better the more it is used? None that I know of ever gets better the more it is used. For example, a car, as it gets older and is used more frequently starts to break down over time, not only the engine but the body and interior start to wear out as well and no matter how much you repair it, it will keep...