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1) Explain 6 reasons why it is beneficial to be fit rather than unfit

Being fit can benefit one's body in many ways:

Strengthening your heart and cardiovascular system -

Physical load resulting in increased heart rate and breathing rate cause the body to recover and reach levels of functional capability unattainable before the training. As a result, one is able to sustain effort of greater intensity for longer periods and achieve the same level of physical output with lower levels of physical effort. Also, as a result of appropriate recovery from the physical load, the heart muscle becomes stronger, the blood vessels become more elastic (ie. Capable of handling greater range of blood pressure) and tissue breathing becomes more efficient (ie. Capable of absorbing greater amount of oxygen from the blood stream) Strengthening your heart and cardiovascular system results in improved circulation and oxygen use. More elastic blood vessels also help lower blood pressure.

Increasing energy levels and improving emotional tone

Every physical exertion leads to a release of certain brain chemicals known as endorphins, which are responsible for improved mood and emotional tone and frequent feelings of exhilaration and happiness. The intensity of these feelings depends on the level of exhaustion achieved through training; the higher the better.

Increased Endurance-

One can do more activities without becoming tired or short of breath. This is due to increased energy levels and increased muscular strength

Improving muscle strength and tone

Provided a proper recovery is sustained after progressive overload the muscle responds by increasing its bulk and working capacity. This results in improved strength as well as increased muscle tone.

Improving balance and joint flexibility -

Given that the physical activity provides a wide variety of movement, the challenge this provides to the vistibular system leads to improved balance. Another...